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Belarus is also a world leader in women's rights.

Women can't say anything about their bodies in Belarus, not even their underwear or bras.

"No woman can go out in public and walk around unclothed. That's just not allowed. You can't walk in a state of undress or touch anything in public." ~ Belarusian State of Women's Rights, June, 20

Belarus was once an industrial and agricultural power. This is one of the most powerful countries in the world, where women can't walk around naked. And now, that's how they feel. "This is just a normal person, who will always be treated as a normal person in Belarusian society, because we don't want to show our nudity," says Irina Gudrunova, a model and model editor. She is the only one of her generation who can walk around in public without showing her genitals. And she can't change that in her current life. "That's how things are," she says, "because we don't like to show ourselves. But in life, it's something else."

There are many reasons why women in Belarus don't show their genitals. First, many women don't have the strength to. "If you look, there is no one with a large penis. And a lot of women don't have it because we don't have to dress up for men and they're not interested in women." Second, there chatrus is the problem of sexual harassment, which is so widespread in Belarus that even the local police are not able to deal with it in average height of russian man any other way. "Women don't have a lot of choice because we're expected to wear pants and dresses," says Bela. Third, most of the women in Belarus are unmarried and, as such, they don't have many chances to see a partner. "We've had one woman who went to a party in our town and then told a friend she was going home. She did not want to marry and was only in town with her friends," says Bela. "So she came to me in the morning and said she would give her place to me and take it back when I got home." Bela says that it's not uncommon to find unmarried women in Belarus who will offer themselves up in exchange for money and drugs. "I've seen women who gave themselves up to drug dealers, who are in drug gangs and were then forced into prostitution. They were not forced, they were tricked," says Bela.

So how do you keep a straight face when you're dealing with city of brides russian all the drugs and money? "You don't have to take drugs, and you're not going to take drugs because you're not allowed to, but if you get a few dollars to pay for a drink in the local bar, that will do it," says Bela. "There are some girls that like to wear skimpy clothes, but in general I don't think they should be there." If you're looking for a Russian -style party, Bela says you should probably head to the Black Sea port of Ostrava or the former town of Lutsk, but you won't find it there. "They've all moved to Sochi or somewhere in Russia. They've all got some money to spend. There are girls there who would love to do that, but there are many that would not," Bela says. "It's really an interesting question. I don't think you should just move to Sochi. It's not a good city for girls, and you won't find any girls there. The girls there are really expensive."

I asked Bela why girls from Russia don't go to Sochi. She says she's not really sure. "Maybe it's that in Russia there's no competition," she answers, "so it's hard for girls to get work in Russia. They have to take the bus all chat and dating the way from Moscow."

Bela is not connectingsingles reviews alone in her observation. There is a common belief that the only reason girls don't make it to Sochi is because it's too expensive. But Bela is not the only person who sees the problem. Anna, a woman from Tbilisi, Georgia, says: "The Russian economy is such that girls don't work because of their education, so their salaries are lower. In Russia, there are some jobs that they don't want to do, like teaching. So many girls just go back home."

"Girls want to work because of the money they can make. There is no real discrimination here, just the way we are treated."

The most common job, which is not available in Sochi, is that of "professional dancer". The pay is €60 a month and is a good salary for a woman in her twenties.

There are many jobs in buy russian wifes the local economy, but it is not surprising that most of them are male.

"When we go home, we are supposed to meet with our boyfriends bald russian and girlfriends. I don't know what you do with your time if you work. You just have to get a few hours of sleep, maybe a movie, then go back home."

"We don't like the job and we always find a way out. It's like work, it's like working. If we don't like it, we find a different kind of work. Sometimes we have to do some hard work in the garden and that's not so bad."

"The best thing in life is freedom. If someone gives you that, it's always an important thing to you. It's what drives you and that's what keeps you going."

"Our work is the hardest part of our life. It's like a part of us, it's like our life. When we go to work, we go because we have to. That's our job. If you can't find someone who you love, then you are stuck. But that doesn't mean we won't find someone."

"I love my job. It's a job I love and that's why I love it.