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cupid connection

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I love this picture of this girl, but I don't know how to get the shot. She has this beautiful face, but I can't find her name. Is it OK for me to search for her?

You may get an answer with a text, if you use my number.

Hello, I want to find out if you are willing to give me a picture of a girl who is 18 years old and I have her email address. I have no idea if this will help me or not. I will be happy to give her the picture of her with me. It's fine for me to ask for a picture and get a picture, and then I can contact her later, and we will meet. Just write her email address in the comments. I will get the picture and send it to her.

I have never done this before. It's just one of those things I have not done before. I never really want to meet with you, and I will never meet with you. But I will send you a message and you can say hello later. I will also email you the pictures. That will be very special. You can also write me directly if you want. That would be a lot of fun!

Oh, and we're already in contact. I'm a girl called "Mika", I am married with one child. I have a pretty good career in IT. It is not something you can imagine. I'm in a relationship with a Russian girl named Yulia. She's a Russian woman with an older brother. We're in contact a lot. We are a couple, we're looking for the next best thing. We're doing everything right. Our first meeting was when we went to a club for a drink with friends, and then we went back to her place. I don't think any girl would have been attracted to me then. That's how things started.

We dated a few times. In the beginning we were just friends, but we did get to know each other, like an old friend. She even introduced me to her friend, who was also into the same thing. He said that she has a big cock. I was like, "Really? What does that mean?" But she said that she likes big cocks. I was curious because I was always fascinated by big cocks and I've always liked tall guys. So I asked her, "Why do you like big cocks?" She said it's because "the longer you get, the better" and "there's nothing worse than a guy that doesn't want to do what you want." She said that she loves cocks and that she always wants to be fucked. I guess I liked that. We were both horny, so I asked her to do something for me, so I could see how she gets turned on. She had a big strap-on. This one looked like it was real good for her. I could see that it was made for her, because of the big butt. She was wearing a tight black bra, but I saw that it was a thong. The strap-on was about an inch from her pussy, and she was fucking herself on the end of it. It looked like a rubber dildo, but it was not really a dildo, but a plug with a hole.

She started playing with herself, but she was moaning. She wasn't really screaming like the Russians do, but the pussy lips were stretched a little. When she looked back, she was looking up at me. She was wearing a very tight little skirt, but she had on a very high heels. The other women around her were all wearing a little skirt with little heels. She was wearing an apron, and had a scarf over her head, but the scarf wasn't completely covering her head. I guess it was just the scarf that was covering her hair. She was getting turned on, and she was rubbing her clit a little. She didn't move her hand down any farther, but I could tell she was having a really hard time getting hard. I felt her hand rubbing on my pussy, and I could feel her warm hand caressing my ass. She kept rubbing her hand, and her other hand kept rubbing my breasts, and she was really looking at me. She got so close to coming that I could feel it. The only thing stopping her was the scarf. So I had to do something. I asked her "So what's wrong?" She just looked at me and said "I was just wondering if you were looking for a hand job." And I said "No, that's not it. What's wrong?" And she said "Nothing, we are going to do it anyway, so why don't we just do it?" And so I just said "Okay". Then I asked her if she was going to rub my chest, and she said "Yes, if it gets you off" And I said "Are you going to get off on me getting up on my knees, too? Because I like that idea."

And we did it, and then she just sat there for a bit, and then went to the bathroom. And I was just thinking about what a fucking stupid girl I was, because if she did that, I would have been like "I think I have been doing too much".

So I didn't say anything to her after that. I went back to my room, and it was pretty dark. And so I went into my bedroom, and I opened up my bag, and I found a lot of porn DVDs, but I didn't take anything with me, and I started browsing them for a while. It's like every hour or so I would find something new.