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girl of russia

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Girl of russia – how it started.

My name is Marat and I'm a Russian girl from russia. I love to travel, I like to chatrus travel with my friends and I just love travel. I live on my own and I have a boyfriend. He's a great guy who I love. We have a good relationship and we have a good life. I'm not afraid of anything because I'm not a connectingsingles reviews big girl. I love going to concerts, to beaches, to parks, to places I don't even know. I love dancing, going to restaurants, shopping, and it's all good for me. I love people. We have a very good life together.

So this woman is like me, but more Russian. Her husband is very young, has a wife, has children. The kids are beautiful. He lives with his father. Her dad died of cancer, and she moved to Russia. Now she has a beautiful house in the country, in Moscow. She lives a normal life, but is in the center of something. There are many Russian boys that she's dating, but they are all married. And it's not a normal marriage, or normal in Russia. A lot of women from the West who have been in the country will not let go of their husband's nationality, and they're not really comfortable with the fact that they are Russian, and their husband's nationality is a bit weird.

And in Russia, it's not really a big deal. They are all really nice people, you know. They just are not married yet, so that's a little weird. You can have a girlfriend here, if you like. I have a boyfriend who is Russian, so I could say he is Russian. But they say you should not go home with him. And then the guy gets mad at you and says, "How could you do this to me? I love you! I didn't do anything! I wanted a normal relationship." And it's like, oh, but you know, in Russia. And they're very serious. They're not like, like, "You need to change! Do you know that in Russia you are not allowed to do that?"

There's another kind of girl where I average height of russian man met her. She's very sweet, she's very polite, and she's very good looking. It just never occurred to me that she was Russian. She has a boyfriend who's a really handsome guy. She's a good cook. But in Russia, that's not what people are like. They like to be in charge of everything, and they always have a big thing for beautiful girls. It's like, "You're so beautiful, you're so beautiful." I just found that out. I really didn't think that she was Russian.


AVC: There's a lot of sexual harassment in Russia. It's so rampant there that the country's so bad at policing it, but they have one of the worst sex crimes rates in the world.

What are the things they have in common that have made Russia such a hotbed for bad behavior?

JM: I think Russia has a lot of great ideas that it's taken for granted and they've really taken a bunch of those and made them into laws and have them enforced, and it has really made the world a better place and a lot of the world has moved in Russian direction. I think that the country's not perfect, but it's pretty good. Russia is so much like America, in many ways, that it's almost not funny. They don't have the same values of what society looks like, and I think that's what makes Russia so interesting and a lot of people have come from America to really get a better understanding of Russia, or just to have fun and hang out. It's a nice place to live and I love it.

You grew up in Russia, right?

JM: I lived in Russia for three years, I lived for three years in America. I think America is an incredible country, and I was so lucky to get the chance to learn Russian as I did. It was just a huge relief to be able to understand it and be able to use it.

Do you think the way America is portrayed on TV and movies is good or bad?

JM: It's very easy to be cynical about it, but I think the entertainment industry is a great way to communicate with people. The movies and TV shows in America are just so good because they have such a bald russian great staff of writers and so many good actors that it's like you're watching something. But in Russia, it's the exact opposite, and it's almost like you're in the theater. There are very few TV shows that are really good, and you'll be watching something with the sound turned off and the lights on, and you're just sitting there and watching somebody else being an idiot.

I feel like if I can't express myself in the way the media is telling me to express myself, then there's no point. You can't say "I can't" without being a complete idiot. It seems like they've been doing that for a long time, so I think it's really sad that we're not able to have that in our country anymore. They're chat and dating able to make a movie city of brides russian and a TV show and have it, and people buy it and they go to see it. In America you can't have that. But they should be able to have that, if they want to.

I was really happy that the whole thing is being done by an agency that's buy russian wifes more than capable of creating a show and having it broadcast. It's so strange when you don't know what's going on because they're not working directly with the people. There are a few of us who work in the business.